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About us

الأخبار العربية السهلة (Easy Arabic News) is an educational website offering language resources for learners of Arabic. The website publishes graded news articles (graded readers) in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). The content is accompanied with synced audio, quizzes, notes on language & culture, and vocabulary lists.

The website was launched in 2020 by Rami A. Hatab.

Learning advantages

News articles are an excellent resource for learning language in context. They touch on different topics and use various styles. This ensures learners get more exposure to practical language.

Learning with Easy Arabic News helps learners:

  1. Learn new words and phrases in context.
  2. Learn correct pronunciation of Arabic words and sentences (texts include harakaat to help with reading).
  3. Develop listening skills through audio articles (available on the website and YouTube channel).


Most of the content is not geared towards absolute beginners.
Learners need to have the ability to read and understand words and short sentences to make the most out of the content.

The site’s content is divided into three main levels:

Texts in both the Beginner and Intermediate levels are annotated with Arabic Harakaat (حركات) to help with reading and pronunciation.

The content is also divided into topic categories: world news, culture, science, economics, environment, health and sports.

Additonal resources

  • quizzes
  • vocabulary lists
  • notes on language and culture

Audio-video articles

The site also includes audio-video content that learners can use to develop their listening and learn correct pronunciation. A synced audio version of Beginner articles and some Intermediate articles can be found on the article’s page (some of the older content does not include audio). In additon to the audio, the video shows what’s being read with a moving highlighter. You can also watch the sycned audio articles on our YouTube channel.

Social Media

You can follow us on social media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We are always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. They help a lot in making this website a better resource for learners of Arabic. Thank you very much. You can get in touch through the contact us page or on social media.

Happy leaning